Nicky has almost 20 years’ strategy development experience, with a strong emphasis on “long-termism” and a passion for driving for sustainability of the broader systems in which organisations operate.

Nicky has been instrumental in facilitating several cross-sector collaborative engagements that are aimed at driving strategic and systemic change.  Her ability to hold multiple stakeholders’ agendas, together with her strategic capabilities and vision of driving meaningful change, positions her well in these roles.

Nicky was the head of strategy at Brandhouse Beverages for over 3 years, where she was responsible for developing corporate and functional strategies and for managing the implementation thereof.  Prior to that, she was Head of Gemini Consulting’s Analysis and Design (A&D)  discipline in South Africa and a member of the global Gemini Consulting A&D leadership team.  Strategic thinking and business case development were fundamental capability requirements in these roles.