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She is described as progressive, ahead of the curve and an absolute visionary by all those she has worked with.

She inspires, leads with passion and heart, and has the credentials and experience to back it up.

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He is a scientist through and through – research and analysis is his game. However, Rob has the rare ability to translate even the most technical findings into something understandable and digestible.

He is an academic at heart and has the qualifications and  publications to show for it.

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Gina is passionate about research. She is also a people’s person. This makes her a perfect fit for her role as Senior Research Consultant.

She dives into any and every project, and ensures that TMG delivers over and above  clients’ expectations.

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As The Moss Group’s resident word nerd, Matthew translates progressive thinking into punchy sentences. A keen observer, he uncovers food for thought in unexpected places.