The Spar Group is one of our longest-standing & clients. It has been our privilege to have contributed to making Spar one of the best loved brands in the country. Our involvement with Spar has spanned from Strategy Development to Enterprise Risk Management to Organisational Design to Transformation.

Apart from developing the Group Strategy with the Executive team, we have had the opportunity to have had diverse touch points across business divisions including Spar Supermarket, Build It,Tops! and Pharmacy at Spar. We have also worked with employees at a various levels which has meant that the strategy and solutions developed with leaders is able to be filtered down, resulting in something that the entire organisation buys into and lives by.

Our involvement has also taken us outside of South Africa’s borders. After Spar SA acquired Spar Switzerland, The Moss Group were brought in to develop the business strategy in X.

We have loved our work over the years with the amazing people at Spar, and look forward to continuing this exciting & valued partnership.

The Sustainable Cotton Cluster (SCC) was initiated by players in the cotton industry. Once established, it became one of the clusters supported by the Department of Trade and Industry. One of the first requirements that was identified was the need for a strategy. Something that would provide a common goal or objective, that would see the industry pull in the same direction.

TMG’s main mandate for the Cluster was strategy development.  The scope of the strategy  would need to span the entire value chain – from farm all the way to retail. Despite having drastically different operations, we were able to land on a strategy that much of the industry not only bought into but had a hand in developing. A key part of our approach was engaging with an extensive number of stakeholders from across the value chain to understand their specific challenges, where they saw the opportunities and what they felt was needed to make the industry sustainable into the long term.

Another critical component that informed our strategy was a Demand Volume Tool – designed to identify volume opportunities and thus where to focus. This ‘pull’ approach was fundamentally different to the push strategy that the industry was familiar with.

What was delivered was a strategy in the shape of a PowerPoint presentation. It includes the high level picture in the form of a one pager, as well as sufficient detail for implementation  (including an implementation roadmap and project charters).

We are proud to have assisted an industry that provides many South Africans with jobs, and are excited to see the industry vision realised as players make the strategy their own.

Although The Moss Group had seen the opportunity to drive collaboration in the area of waste for quiet some time, it was spurred by the legislated call by government for Industry Waste Management Plans from priority industries, which included the Packaging Industry.

Retailers were implicated by virtue of their being defined as ‘producers’ of packaging waste.

This saw the formal establishment of the Collaborative Packaging Waste Initiative (CPWI) in X 2018. The initiative was proposed to all major food retailers; 4 of which jumped at the opportunity to have a real impact on packaging waste. Those involved were Pick n Pay, The Clicks Group, The Spar Group and Woolworths.

Apart from TMG representing ‘retail’s view’ at engagements concerning the new legislation for Industry Waste Management Plans; the project included deep dives into challenging waste streams (such as convenience and On The Go). We also developed a tool that shows consumer demand for product, and thus where fast moving consumer goods companies should focus if they are to have impact.

The CPWI was able to demonstrate the power of collective data and how it can be used to shift the conversation to where it should be. We have no doubt that further valuable work and engagements will come from the CPWI in the future.

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