We have worked in a wide variety of industries including…

Food retail

Clothing retail







We have experience working with all types and sizes of organisations including:

Listed & unlisted private companies



Multi-stakeholder forums / bodies

Despite this variety – there is a few things that remain consistent…

  • We are passionate about what we do
  • Our work delivers tangible impact
  • We go and over-above what is expected of us and produce top quality every time



The SPAR Group is one of our longest-standing clients. Our journey with SPAR has helped them become a truly sustainable business. While our core involvement has been consulting on strategy, we have helped SPAR with a number of other projects. We love working with the many entities that make up The SPAR Group, a company whose core values resonate with our own.

Southern African Sustainable Textile and Apparel Cluster (SASTAC)

Under the mandate of the Southern African Sustainable Textile and Apparel Cluster (SASTAC), The Moss Group developed an industry-wide strategy for South Africa’s once-thriving Cotton Industry. Our approach saw players from across the value chain, from farm to retail, come together for the first time – a truly historic process and something which we were proud to have facilitated.

Collaborative Packaging Waste Initiative

The need for collaboration in the waste space has always been obvious to us. The issues in this area are significant and extremely complex and involve many players across the value chain.  Furthermore, in order to have any real impact, solutions need to be supported by several sizable players.

The four retailers that participated in the Collaborative Packaging Waste Initiative (CPWI) also saw the value of collaborating on the issue of packaging waste. This project was a momentous one where Pick n Pay, The Clicks Group, The SPAR Group and Woolworths truly worked together to begin tackling the challenges of packaging waste in our country.

Arisaig Investment Company

The Moss Group conducted a piece of bespoke research for global investment company, Arisaig Investment Company on the ESG (environmental, socio-economic and governance) issues facing food retail in South Africa and how it would affect companies going forward. The study was instrumental in informing the company’s investment decisions in South African good businesses.

Water Research Commission

The Moss Group has driven a number of multi-year research projects, funded by the Water Research Commission, on the development of more sustainable solutions for the remediation of mining-impacted water.  The research has led to the development of a semi-passive treatment technology with the potential for value recovery.